Code Pro University by Lisa Selman-Holman

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"I initially had planned (and paid) to take my OASIS certification with OASIS C-1, but due to work schedule did not have the time to follow through with my initial plan.  Subsequently I prepared to sit for the OASIS C-2 (COS-C) exam in January.  Lisa Selman-Holman’s online OASIS course is a comprehensive in-depth presentation.  It was the perfect preparation course for me to complete, and I’m pleased to report I passed the exam last week!  I believer her online course prepares you well for sitting for the COS-C (or the HCS-O) exams. "



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"Just wanted you to know I completed the ICD10 webinar series. So thorough and clear. Loved being able to take the quizzes imbedded in each module. These really helped me hone my skills. The final comprehensive quiz, I took the evening before the real exam. It help me see what my weaknesses were so I could correct them. Scored a 90% on the certification exam! Thank you, Lisa for the best training!"- S.D.

"I highly recommend Code Pro U (Lisa Selman-Holman) -I took her online course and it was excellent!!"- Katrina Feist

"Code Pro!! I am a CPC and now have my HCS-D. Took my Oasis exam and am awaiting results on that. Lisa's Code Pro  class is the best $ you will ever spend!"- Liz Meyer Olson