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Regulatory Resources

Medicare PECOS list of enrolled providers. Provided free by CMS. To quickly access the information:

(1) download the zip file
(2) open the zip file and save the excel file to a place that you can access the file easily.
(3)open the excel file with Microsoft Excel.
(4) Use the "Find" function in Excel and type in the NPI number and select enter. Excel will search the entire list for that NPI number.
If the number is in the list, it will stop at that entry. Confirm the NPI number and Physician Listed.
If the number is not on the list, the program will state that the entry has not been found. Double check the NPI number that you have.

Medicare’s list of non-routine supplies and consolidated therapy procedures 2008


Medicare Conditions of Participation-List of Federal Regulations covering Home Health Agencies' Conditions of Participation

CMS Website Related to Home Health

Medicare Home Health Benefit Policy Manual (HIM-11)

Medicare Hospice Benefit Policy Manual (HIM-21)

State Operations Manual/ Interpretive Guidelines

State of Texas Regulatory Resources

Health and Safety Code Chapter 142

HCSSA Regulations

NPUAP National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel

OBQM/Adverse Events


OASIS General

WOCN Society Position Statement: Pressure Ulcer Staging

Offical OASIS Site

WOCN Library-Position Statements

Home Health Quality Initiative

All about PPS (includes latest Case Mix Grouper Package)

OASIS Calendar for calculating recertifications 2012

Patient Rights

WOCN Clinical Fact Sheets (Updated)

2012 October OASIS Q and As

2012 July OASIS Q and As

OASIS C links

OASIS Considerations for Medicare PPS Patients

OASIS Chapter 3

Category 1 (updated 12/2012)

Category 2 (updated 12/2012)

Category 3 (updated 12/2012)

Category 4 (updated 12/2012)

OASIS C Archive Past OASIS C updates and additional information

PPS and Billing

CMS Limitation on Home Health Prospective Payment System (HH PPS) Outlier Payments

Additional Outlier Information from CMS

Case Mix Diagnosis List 2010

NUBC Approves Billing/Coding Changes effective July 1, 2010

CMS Grouper Software Package

Tables from Pseudocode - tables from the pseudocode, including Table 4, the list of V codes that have potential underlying case mix codes.

Contingency Plan for NPI Non-Compliance

Overview of Home Health PPS

The Consolidated Billing Master List is attached here.

Medicare Home Health Billing Manual

Medicare Hospice Billing Manual

Palmetto Reason/Remark Code Lookup

National Provider Identifier Information

NPI Paper Application

NPI Online Application

OBQI Resources

OBQI Manual

Technical Documentation of OBQI Measure Calculation

Instructions for Using OBQI Measure Calculator

Risk Adjusted Outcome Reports for Each State

Revised Overview of Risk Adjustment Models June 2008

Home Health Compare

Texas Medical Foundation (QIO)

Other Helpful Websites

National Association for Home Care and Hospice

Texas Association for Home Care

Palmetto GBA


Home Health Care

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